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Fresh Wholesale Options

TRU~CAKES is now offering our amazing desserts and breads to local business in our area.  It is important to work locally with business in the Orlando area.  We love working with each other to build our businesses, and keep them strong. Working Business to Business keeps us all in Business!  We have been asked many times if we would sell our desserts in a wholesale capacity to local businesses, and we just were not ready!  We are ready and look forward to expanding our brand.  We are proud to say everything we make is done in house. I can say, we are very lucky to have a team that is super creative, adventitious in flavor profiles, and willing to try anything. As a team we all have one thing in common!  We look for perfection in everything we make.  We strive for authentic flavors and we are open to developing signature flavors and one of a kind desserts, pastries or signature breads for your business!

Your Options Are Endless & Custom

For the first time you can create flavor options and create signature desserts  that fit your business, your customers and your style.

You finally can have a say in your Wholesale Options.  Nothing is mass produced and everything is fresh from our door to yours!

Breads & Pastry

We can create any flavor of bread for you Sweet or Savory



Mexican Sweet Bread

(Any Flavor or Filling)


*Buns Hamburger/Hot Dogs


*4 ounce

*6 ounce

*Chocolate Swirl

*Cinnamon Roll

*Cream Puffs

Signature Desserts

You have the availability to create your own "Signature" dessert for your business.  

*4x4x4 Acrylic Cube with lid.  Great for signature cake flavors-perfect for sharing.

*Your logo on Jumbo stuffed Cookies

Let us create something amazing for you that no one else can duplicate.

Cakes,Pies & Cookies


* Sizes 12'' and 14''

*Pre Cut and Divided

*Any Flavor Available

*Gluten Free Available

*Dairy Free Available

*Eggless Available


*10 inch

*Pre Cut and Divided

*Any Flavor



*Regular and Mini

*Can Be Filled

Custom Pies

*Any Flavor

*Can be Deconstructed

*2'' Tarts

*4'' Tarts

*9'' Pies


*Any Flavor


(Can carry your logo)

*Purchased by the pound

*Italian Wedding

*Mexican Wedding

*Brazilian Wedding

Dessert Parfaits

Create Your Flavors

*Any flavor combination

*Fresh Fruit & Mousse

*Can be made with Cake, Cheese Cake or Mousse​

*2.5 ounce

*3 ounce

*4-5.5 ounce

*Deconstructed Pies

Parfait cups come in many shapes as to have them look elegant and inviting for customers

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What our customers are saying

I just wanted to thank you and the entire staff at Tru Cakes for the amazing and beautiful work you did to make our day so special, magical, and beautiful! It was so amazing and there is no way that it would have been so memorable without you!

All of our guests had an absolute blast - and commented on how fabulous the cake was and HOW DELICIOUS! I had many guests comment to me that it was literally some of the best cake they had ever had at a wedding! 

Yesenia R - 02/06/2023

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