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We Are Committed To Your Safety!

How Does Personal Protection Equipment Fit Into Your Plans?

Your Vision Is One of Beauty​

Everyone wants that Special Day or Event, to be a SHOW STOPPER!  You want things to be unique to your special vision and your event to scream YOU!  With the changes COVID-19 has brought, things will be looking a little different at your event.  Safety is now a crucial part of a social events.   Most Event locations and Hotels are insisting on how your Cake or Dessert Tables will be protected.  Oh, and so far we have found NO venue whom has been willing to man the Cake Table or Dessert Table of outside vendors.

As we take the safety of you, your guests, and ourselves, as a TOP PRIORITY!  We have now added Personal Protective Guards to all of our Cakes and Dessert Tables at all events.  Your safety is our 1st priority!

The picture to the left shows your cake with No PPE Shields.  Just like always, your guests could view your cake, take pics, and there was never a problem......

Covered Beauty ~ Can Happen

This picture shows the PPE Shields TRU~CAKES now has for your Cake display.  The protective shields now give your cake a "Cinderella" vibe!

So how does this work?

We have always stayed and given Concierge Cake Service for all of our nothing new here!  We now cover and protect your cake, however, guests and photographers can still take great photos.  Once we are ready for the "Cake Cutting" , we will remove the shields.  After cutting the cake, we will continue with cake service with shields in place.  Your guests will be able to choose there flavors as we cut fresh slices for each guest.

Your Beautiful Dessert Table

Your Dessert Table, fun, open to your family and friends, full of fun flavors for the taking!  Your Dessert Table has all of your favorite desserts, and new things for your guest to try!  Last thing you wanted was to have it covered up and no one could see all the planning and the thought you put into serving your guests these fun, tasty treats....

 You Can Look But Not Touch...Yet!

As you can see, the PPE shields are barley noticeable!  That was our plan!  We wanted you to be able to see all of your selections and the decor you selected. We stay with your Dessert Table the entire time of your event, as we have always done in the past. We explain your flavor choices to each of your guests.  When it is time for your Dessert Table to be opened up, we remove the shields, ask your guest which desserts they would like to try, and we will hand them out. This keeps multiple hands away from the table and guest picking things up and putting back.

 The SAFETY of you, your guests, and our team is most important!

For More Information About How TRU~CAKES Can Keep Your Confections Safe at Your Upcoming Event, Please Contact Us!

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