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Concierge​  Cake  Service ​ or​  Cake  Drop Delivery? 

                    What Works Best For You ~                                                                              

Concierge Ca​ke Service & Delivery

Concierge Cake service is provided when TRU~CAKES provides your Cake Stand and/or Dessert Table Stand rentals.  This service provides custom cake cutting for your guests.  This allows your guests to come have fresh cut cake as well as sample each of your flavors chosen for your cake. This service will also have someone at your dessert table explaining flavors to your guests to ensure guests are not handling the desserts and keeping table sanitary.

This service also allows guests with allergies to be aware of items offered and not ingest something accidentally that may be harmful.

If you have chosen to save your "Top Tier", TRU~CAKES will wrap your top tier for you and box it to carry home.  We then clean up, pack up rentals and depart after your Cake cutting.  

Cake Drop Delivery

Our Cake Drop service, is for those whom do not wish for TRU~CAKES  to provide their Cake Stand or Dessert Table Stand rentals.  We will delivery your cake and desserts to your designated contact at your venue.  Your cake will be boxed and desserts will be in protective containers.  You will have a box left for your top tier.

When choosing Cake Drop Delivery service we can not offer our Concierge Cake Service. 

In addition, TRU~CAKES can NOT be responsible for any damage to your cake or desserts after delivery has taken place.

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