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~Always Fresh & Always Homemade~

One thing that has always been a big selling point to us, is very simple.....We want what we pay for! We want it affordable and of great quality!  Oh, we always want an event or the food to look like a MILLION BUCKS!!!  We believe if we are paying for FRESH and better be just that!

We want to help you create a great Wedding, Birthday, Themed Holiday Party or Corporate Event that people will talk about for years.  We want to help create your vision in the best tasting confections and best looking decor you could ever imagine.  After all TRU~CAKES wants your special day to be ONE OF A KIND! 


~About Our Cakes~

Our cakes are large and beautiful tiers.  Our standard tier is 5 inches tall.  Our price per slice includes most decorations and adornments.   No on​e wants to start with a $5 a slice cake, and then have an additional price increase for every decoration, beading, and flower added.  So our starting price per slice will already include most decor.  However, pricing may increase if there is hand paining, carving, fresh flowers or  lots of custom sugar flowers to adorn your confection.

TRU~CAKES is here to help make your confection dreams come TRU!

~Our Promise To You~

TRU~CAKES' promise is to provide you with the freshest ingredients and the best quality with every order.  We will never cut corners to save money. We will provide you with beautiful and delicious confections every time. Every order will be treated as special as you are to us.  This is the TRU~CAKES Promise.

Custom Order Time:

Simple Birthday Cakes and CupCakes  require 48 hours.  Larger Cakes require at least 2 ~ 3 weeks notice.


4 - 1 inch  layers of cake and 3 layers of filling  or  3  - 2 inch layers of cake and  layers of filling.

This is the making of a beautiful, stunning  work of art!  Your confection  dream cake for weddings, birthdays or any special occasion.

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